After 5 years of existing inside an idea and blank shots, Indigoscience finally gets its form in 2015. when Tihomir and Mario found Igor and Ivan to form a band for a third time. The team was finally right and Indigoscience was on track. The band clicked and songs started to pop out and concerts started to happen. By now Indigoscience was heard in most of festivals and clubs in eastern Croatia and it’s spreading further more.

Idea started in a form of atmospheric post rock, but naturally, it evolved to fusion of many different styles, influenced by every member’s idea of good music and different approaches. It is still post rock in general and it is still instrumental music, but with many varieties and style epxeriments. Songs change in dynamics, tempo and rythm patterns, so one never can expect what’s coming next. From soft and gentle to crushing the stage, these musical experiments result in a mix of everything music can give and the experience of Indigoscience music is unique for each listener.

Experience different approach, experience music, experience Indigoscience.